Five Minute Friday – Worship

Five minute Friday – a prompt, 5 minutes of free writing, link up, then encourage and be encouraged…



Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth.
Worship the Lord with gladness;
come before him with joyful songs. Psalm 100

“I’m coming back to the heart of worship
And it’s all about you
It’s all about you, Jesus…” Matt Redmond

Yesterday I was driving through town and as usual my thoughts were quickly drawn to the things that disturb, irritate and even endanger me.
The guy who pulled up next to me with his music blaring, the intrusive thudding of the base actually hurting my head. The woman at the bus stop looking at her phone instead of her child who was dangerously close to the road. The young woman in the convertible who surprisingly smelled strongly of alcohol as she sped around me to tailgate the next person daring to go the speed limit. (My husband has since informed me that it could be her car’s CO2 sensor going bad causing the smell.)

All of these things and others were causing me to go into my cynical place where I need to self exalt, self protect, self soothe and defend because the world is scary place full of dangerous things and other self-involved people.

But then there was joy…

A little face looking at me from a backseat window – such a sweet, cute, innocent perfect face – a little white dog. The type of dog that always looks like a puppy no matter it’s age. I am not even a ‘dog person’ but I had to smile.

Then there was joy again! When having to stop and then slowly pass by a huge noisy chipping truck suddenly the world smelled like fir trees. So perfect and wonderful, so delightful. I almost drove around the block to do it again.

Then there joy again!
This time it was the woman on the radio with the voice and the lyrics that bring tears to my eyes.

And again joy (after waiting for a school bus because the person in front me stopped even though technically we were in a lane that didn’t have to) when I got to see that precious moment between a little boy and his mom as she scooped up into her waiting mother’s arms and excitedly welcomed him home after his first day of school.

I was so thankful then for my swelling and worshipful heart. For my thoughts were now on God. How amazing He is to create such cute creatures and such amazing smells. How beautiful to create such powerful voices and such adorable little children. How amazing is His unconditional love and wide open arms. How sweet of Him to slow me down so that I could experience some of these things and remember how fun it is to worship Him throughout the day.