5 minute Friday – Listen



I often put off reaching out to others because I am afraid that I won’t know what to say. But what to say is not really the thing I need to be worrying about. The skill I need to hone is how to listen.

The Spirit nudges me quite often to take action – make a call, write that note, do that task I’ve have been putting off, ask that question, do that hard thing, face that fear, stop that, go there… I am immensely blessed when I listen.

When I need forgiveness, I can apologize and ask for it but then it’s only meaningful if I take the time to listen.

I wonder a lot what people are thinking; I find out when I listen.

Seeking God’s wisdom & guidance only helps if I listen.

I can’t know how to help someone in need if I don’t hear and then listen.

So… Do they know God? Do they care? Are we okay? Can I help? What’s going on? What’s happening? What should I do? Where should I go? Who? What? When? How? ¬†Why?

Let’s find out. Let’s Listen.