5 minute Friday – Listen



I often put off reaching out to others because I am afraid that I won’t know what to say. But what to say is not really the thing I need to be worrying about. The skill I need to hone is how to listen.

The Spirit nudges me quite often to take action – make a call, write that note, do that task I’ve have been putting off, ask that question, do that hard thing, face that fear, stop that, go there… I am immensely blessed when I listen.

When I need forgiveness, I can apologize and ask for it but then it’s only meaningful if I take the time to listen.

I wonder a lot what people are thinking; I find out when I listen.

Seeking God’s wisdom & guidance only helps if I listen.

I can’t know how to help someone in need if I don’t hear and then listen.

So… Do they know God? Do they care? Are we okay? Can I help? What’s going on? What’s happening? What should I do? Where should I go? Who? What? When? How?  Why?

Let’s find out. Let’s Listen.



Five Minute Friday – View


Five minutes – Go…


I am not blessed with a room with a view in my little house, in my not so great neighborhood, but I get to work in a friend’s beautiful home on a lake where no matter what the weather the view is beautiful.

As I coveted my friend’s blessing  this week I started to think that this can be true in everyday life as well. My friend’s house is situated in a lovely spot so that every day her view is beautiful. My life is firmly set in Christ and so every day I too am perfectly situated to be able view something lovely.

The truth of this came  home to me this week as I sat with many different women  who with great courage pulled back the curtains of their lives and revealed their hearts in order for others to see what they view every day.

Some views were dark and scary and painful to look at but then the hidden beauties — rainbows among storm clouds — were pointed out and together we gasped and shed tears and beheld the amazing view of God’s Grace.