Five Minute Friday – She

Five minute Friday – a prompt, 5 minutes of free writing, link up, then encourage and be encouraged…



So many women in my life have come and gone, so thankful for each and every one of them, but especially for the ones who have held on and refused to let go.

She – the first one.  I see her every day when I look in the mirror. I hear her in my own voice. She is ever with me for good and for bad.  I am coming to terms with her pain as I come to terms with my own.

She – the one who came after her – she taught me well many of the things that I love in my life – cooking, knitting, games and crafts but also to be cautious of the things that jealousy may cause us to do and to say.

She – the one who brought him and Him into my life. I am ever thankful for her presence and her faith – she taught me the most important things and she was there for all the important moments. She said the hard things with love. She was the first to take the time to get to know me and the one who helped me to know myself.

She – the first one I held in my arms and called her my own. She awakened my heart. She broke me out of my little girl shell. She made ‘we’ into three.  When I daydream I often see her playing in the grass with flowers or I see her little hands gently showing me her bugs. I see her face full of wonder as she noticed the tiniest of things.

She – in my arms so many years later.  She was and is so amazingly unexpected and so breathtakingly beautiful.  She, like me, feels deeply and often finds the world assaulting. She who sings and does silly dances with me when no else is watching. She who laughs with me and feeds me so much sugar.  So thankful that God knew I needed her.

She – the new one who is coming with a ring. I’ve prayed for her – the one who would capture his heart. Oh man she really has. I love her for seeing  the treasure he is. I am excited to discover the treasure she is.

She and she and she… wonderful women who have blessed my life…
She who lifted me up with her love and her humor and her crazy that matches mine;
She who sews and comes alongside who has been long suffering and steadfast;
She who writes beautiful things and loves color and inspires with her elegance;
She who keeps me accountable and never lets me give up;
She who sings and dared to let me sing;
She who reads and inspires so many to achieve great things;
She who is wise and challenges my view of the world and myself;
She with endless energy who teaches with generosity and believes that God is not finished with me;
She who was so hospitable and loving who walked and talked with me around lakes and tracks at all hours;
She with the southern drawl who is married to my missing piece; an authority on almost everything and a tiny powerhouse of amazing talent and wise encouragement;
She who still calls me her family and dares to makes dates and hopes I will show up;

She… there are so many more – I think I will sit awhile longer and write about them for myself and say prayers of thanksgiving for each of them.

Wow, I am blessed, I am thankful.

(To be honest I did go back and add a couple people after I was done and published – breaking the editing and time limit rules but I just had to when their descriptions came to mind.)