Why Teelycart?

Teelycart is my name, Tracy Lee T, backwards – it’s how I feel a lot of the time, kind of out of sorts. It is also a reminder to myself that my goal is to NOT be backward but to be moving forward. If I am not moving forward than I am going backwards.

I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 25 + years and have three kids 26, 23, 18.

I was an LPN in OB/GYN and pediatric clinics for a few years and then I desired to stay home and raise my kids.

I am inspired daily by …

  • My God, Who gave all for me.
  • The 4 beautiful, intelligent, funny, gracious, loving  people with whom I have shared a home.
  • My amazing friends who never give up.
  • Me, looking up, facing forward and imperfectly pressing onward!

I cry often. I feel pain, and fear, and sadness – mine and others. I love deeply and cautiously. God is the reason that I live, and breathe and I don’t want to move one step without Him. I am learning that true joy comes from taking Him at His word and letting Him lead the way – it’s a process.

Some of the things I love  are  GOD, FAMILY, coffee, chocolate, friends, Knitting, pink and green, laughter, sunshine, margaritas, moonlight, good memories, HOPE, snowflakes, naps, marriage, candles, clean sheets, Birthdays, mangos, silence, stars, BSF, giggles, yarn, rain, Church, CD’s, blankets, eyes, email, Kindness, poetry, Grandparents, daisies, whispers, greeting cards, ice cream, Facebook, new books, showers, gravy, seashells, digital cameras, mountain peaks, Innocence, rivers, DVD’s, bunnies, Honesty, water, board games, opinions, Psalms, berries, butterflies, trees, names, toenail polish, Security, magazines, salsa, Prayers, pasta, cut grass, lips, sunrises, earrings, red wine, muffins, passion, old books, clouds, freckles, hand lotion, paintings, Harmony, faces, bookstores, red hair, creativity, late nights, stories, flannel, Sundays, compliments, sweaters, brownies, long walks, purple balloons, office supplies, quiet mornings, emeralds, words, laptops, Holidays, freedom, ribbons, meteor showers, white, old movies, hymns, LOVE, breezes, tulips, crayons, hugs… and you for taking the time to read this.

I am starting this blog because I need to write. I have things to work out, things to discover, things to share. I will do some of that here.

Blessings & Hugs!


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