Five Minute Friday – Red

Five minute Friday – a prompt, 5 minutes of free writing, link up, then encourage and be encouraged…



I have a love hate relationship with the color red.

My hair is red has been for most of the last 23 years. All of my family on my mom’s side are red heads but my natural color is a medium shade of nothing special brown. When I first ‘went red’ after almost a decade of blond it was like I suddenly had a birth defect corrected – I was finally me and when I looked in the mirror it made perfect sense.

I would love to wear red clothing more often but any time I try some annoyingly helpful person informs me that that shade of red is the wrong shade for me. One time a cashier talked me out of buying a red shirt with that exact phrase. I’ve tried the golden warm reds and the cooler blue reds – it’s never right. I give up!

I love my red glasses – reading store glasses from Borders. I can’t find another pair that I like as much and these are getting old. Once in a while they leave a little red flake on my face I that I invariably flip out over thinking it’s a sudden appearance of skin cancer.

I have 2 pairs of red shoes that I love – they are really comfortable but I have nothing to wear with them. Occasionally I wear them with jeans and a white shirt, they always receive compliments, but I don’t pull them out all that often.

I would love to be able to confidently apply some red lipstick on a special occasion but the shade issue is once again there and any time I have tried I end up laughing out loud at the mirror and running for a tissue. If you need a red lipstick you are welcome to come and grab one out of my ‘used only once’ lipstick stash. I probably have every shade!

Occasionally I try red toenail polish when I go for the once a season pedicure. I did it this week in fact. I have yet to experience success in choosing a shade I don’t hate after a day.  My husband was so sweet and helpful when I got home and he said, “Red uh? Why so dark?”.  Sigh.

I long to have a better relationship with red but red is like the cool girl in high school who I admired and loathed from afar. We could easily chat in class, maybe eat an occasional lunch together  and probably  we would even say we were friends but really we were just acquaintances with no possibility of ever being besties.



7 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Red

  1. I can so relate. I’ve got strawberry-blonde-auburn-won’t-make-up-it’s-mind-red hair. And everything else red either is toooo much, or else it looks annoying. hahaha. I still love the color though!

    So much fun reading this and relating. (visiting from FMF!)

  2. Have to just say that I’m a little envious of your normal looking feet and that lovely shade of red polish! It looks amazing. I love you with red hair – I can’t imagine seeing you any other way – it is JUST you. And while I adore you wearing green, I’m betting there’s something in red that would be just perfect on you. YOU have to love it – forget everyone else 😉 Put on your red shoes and dance ♥ Love you!

  3. I had no idea you were blond! Red suits you very well. 🙂 I have always hated my red hair until about 7 years ago. It’s ok to wear red though! I have a red dress that I can pull off really well as long as my hair is short or worn up. 🙂 Stop listening to those silly cashiers!

  4. Oh I wish I could wear read well. I would love a pair of red glasses and perhaps red toes! Stopped over from the FMF. Have a lovely weekend.

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