5 minute Friday… Rhythm



For 54 years they have been dancing through this life together.  It’s been their private slow-dancedance, a rhythm all their own. It hasn’t always been pretty, sometimes toes have been stepped on, sometimes they have gotten a little out of sync but for the most part it has been a beautiful collection of quick steps and slow dances.

They have  been something to behold as they have enjoyed their dancing. Onlookers have observed their love, their joy and their care for one another and some have wondered at their ability to keep it up after all these years. How do they keep  smiling and holding hands and encouraging one another?

Truly their hearts desire has been that it could go on forever. But sooner than they had hoped and before they they were able to finish all the steps they had planned their partnership had to come to an end.

She now dances with a Divine partner, the One who coached them through all their years and he will be comforted in his grief with the assurance that he will see her again and meet Him face to face as well. He is glad she is enjoying a perfect dance at last. He kept his promise to be only her partner until death parted them. He misses her but knows that for now he will have to work on finding a new rhythm, work out some solo steps, and thinks maybe he’ll even take his dance on the road. He is determined to keep busy until the time when they will meet again.



10 thoughts on “5 minute Friday… Rhythm

  1. In five-minutes, you’ve not only shared the synchronicity of the love of a lifetime, but have even given us a glimpse of the after-life. Yet the prose was so effortless to read, the rhythm so natural yet compelling. BRAVO!!!

  2. I’m writing this with tears streaming down my face.
    Beautifully written–and a wonderful reminder of how a marriage should be viewed. How my husband should be valued. Thank you for breaking my heart just enough to see that.

  3. Tracy,

    This is beautiful! So glad I found your lovely tribute! Glad to know you from FMF!! I too was crying as I read this.

    I am very impressed how clearly you told of a real and profound love story!! Have a great weekend. Patti

  4. Oh my! I am sad and happy all at the same time…so sorry for your loss…so happy she has reached her destination. Some day together again. Beautiful. Thank you for stopping by to encourage me today. You have a gift to write my dear. A beautiful gift.

  5. Oh my friend, I am so glad to see you writing and growing in this community of grace and love and shared friendships. This special tribute is so sweet and so special – and captures perfectly the wonderful rhythm of a life lived well together. There’s joy in the journey and in knowing that it will continue when we hold Christ in our hearts. Write on my friend, write on.

  6. You could have read this at the potluck, I think dad needs to read this as he finds his footing as he continues to dance with the Lord but without mom. It’s ironic did you know both grandma and mom wanted to be nurses? And mom wanted to write, some of their desires are being lived out in us, not that we set out with that goal in mind, they just came to pass.

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